A Mother’s Heart

8th of March 2018, starting my day in a very good mood. Woke up at 7 am, have a little workout time before commuting to my new office. Suddenly, one of my chatting platforms popped notifications. It was such shocking messages, the message told that one of our friend has passed away (I don’t want to say his name, so let’s just call him Bobby). I can’t believe it at first, how come my childhood friend passed away that quickly. But my friend can’t be joking about this. Halfheartedly, I asked how did he know it? He said that one of Bobby’s friend confirmed it with Bobby’s mother. I was okay, feeling nothing but sympathy. The only thing in my mind that I needed to do is to go to the funeral and give support for Bobby’s family. So my ex-dorm friends and I decided to go to the funeral.


9th of March 2018, nothing really happened. It was just a regular day. Stuffs to do at the office. Nothing really happened. We ordered taxi to go to the funeral spot. It took us 2 hours to get there given the damn traffic at Jakarta. We were still okay, doing fine. Then we arrived at the funeral house. We grouped there and decided to enter the funeral service. I did not feel sad at all (you’re a bastard, Galen). It was just plain with lots of sympathy.

Then after the service we decided to queue to express our condolences Bobby’s family. It was okay, until I met his mother.

“Galen……” she cried and hugged me. I really can’t stand her grief. That was when I felt her sorrow, she cried on my arms. I couldn’t stand it, my eyes were teary. I tried to hold back and can’t say anything to her. So I only can say “Aunty, I’m so sorry” she said thank you very much, I went to his father and express my condolence saw his teary eyes, hugged his sister as well. And lastly I saw him in the coffin. I felt emptiness, I lost one of my childhood friend. I didn’t even had the chance to say goodbye to him. He’s on his peaceful state. I started to regret how I haven’t been a really good friend to him. Despite that, I said goodbye to him. It’s still too fast, friend. Too fast, Dude.


On my way back after the funeral, I kept thinking. If I lost my precious ones, I’d be crazy. It was terrible losing your parents. But what was more terrible is when parents have to lost their child, especially moms. It was really terrible, words can not express it. I remembered that one of my pastors said that a mother’s love to her children is the leading expression of how real love is. Unconditional, timeless, and sincere. I saw so many examples of how Mothers in all around the world fight and struggles their live with the only hope to raise her child well. She even can sacrifice herself so that their children can live well.


I guess the recent events made me re-think how much a mother’s love to her child is. Its beyond anything. Unimaginable, unthinkable, and unperceivable. I guess what I was thinking was true. You really can’t understand how much your parents love you until you become a parent yourself.

Suddenly I miss my mother, been thinking how much my mother loves me and how thankful I am for having her (I love you, Mom).  So if your mother is still present, embrace her, hug her, kiss her, tell her you love her before everything is too late. Your mother is not perfect, yes she made mistakes, yes she hurts you unintentionally, but she still loves you in a way that you can’t even imagine. No matter how much you love your mother, It won’t be as big as your mother’s love to you. So be thankful, no matter what.


PS: This blog post is dedicated to all moms, you are the real superheroes!

Best Feeling Ever

It was almost midnight, had 3 straight meetings in the office so I skipped my dinner. At first I was like, “It’s okay, I’m going to go-food when I arrived at the apartment”. Before I commute back home, had a really good conversation with a good friend. We were chatting about life, work, and the big opportunity that we may get.

When I arrived at the apartment, I washed up and finally the hunger did not leave me alone, so I grabbed my phone, open the Go-Jek app and scrolls the Go-Food section. I was hungry but the mood was not there yet.

So instead of buying the food, I had an idea to order food but gave it to the driver. I was purely inspired by the conversations with my friend although it’s not purely related

Lucky I still had my Go-Pay credits, so i ordered the infamous grilled chicken in South Jakarta (South Jakartan will know it) and on the notes I wrote

“The food is for you or for your family, let me bless you. God bless you”

Then I call him to verify that the food is really for him. He thanked me a lot. After we end the call, suddenly joy and happiness burst into my feeling. I guess that was the best feeling ever.

I thought it was (at that time). So i washed up and tried to go to sleep, then I read a text saying:

“Thank you for the gift, honestly I haven’t had any dinner yet and I’m so starving. Jesus bless you”

Then I knew straightly that I was wrong. The best feeling ever was not that I have given something to a person. The best feeling is when the your gift really matters to someone. Sharing this kind of love does not associated to any religion or whatsoever. It’s purely on the motives of helping each other.


PS: this post is not to brag my gift, but purely to inspire others to share that there are ways to leverage technology and bring kindness to mankind.

Real Life Masquerade Ball

Life with social media is getting easier and easier everyday.

Travelling to Paris? Snap a picture in front of Eiffel Tower with your phone and post it to Instagram.

Dining in a fancy restaurant? Take a picture of your food, post to Path dan tag the restaurant you eat.

That way your followers, your social media friends know where you are, what are you doing, and/or who you are with. It’s as easy as a click on your phone.

Because it’s so easy to share, it is that easy to manipulate it as well.

Want your followers to think you are happy? Post a smiling picture and have a simple quote about happiness.

Want them to think you are filthy rich? Snap a picture of your sport cars/luxury watches/fancy purses. Or even in a more unthinkable/unimaginable way. It’s like hiding your true self and let others see the way you want them to see. It’s like wearing a mask to hide your face.

Ironically, those people might be your friend or best friend or even you.

You can find similar characteristic in the 15th or 16th century, it’s when the masquerade ball got viral. Masquerade Ball is an event in which the participants attend in fancy costume and a mask.

People actually enjoyed the masquerade ball. They can hide their identity, express their freedom of speech, and voice their emotions and opinions without judgement.

Those reasons are pretty much the same why people uses popularity, fortune, or others “mask” to hide their own “face”. Why? Everybody likes to be loved, or even maybe a better sentence to rephrase it. Everybody love being loved. In some occasion, the desire to be loved by others are so great affecting the person to look perfect in everyone’s mind. And even the desire to be loved leads to the fear of rejection and trust me, not everyone is good at handling rejection.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not say that it’s illegal or wrong. However it’s an irony WHEN people often gets too focused on their “mask” and forget their own “face”.

What kind of life you want to have?

  1. Having an imperfect life and accepting that not all people may like you, stress free, no need to impress anyone you don’t really like.
  2. Having people to see that you are living life perfectly although you are broken inside. But people still admires you and are envious by the way you live.

Your call.


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“Nanti Digigit Anjing”

11 Agustus 2015 sekitar pukul 10 pagi di kantor catatan sipil terdengar bunyi rengek seorang bocah. Bocah tersebut berumur tidak lebih dari 5 tahun. Suasana yang panas dan bising membuat bocah tersebut rewel dan ingin cepat keluar untuk bermain. Menurut saya, normal bagi anak kecil untuk ingin bermain. Apalagi dia masih terlalu kecil untuk mengerti kenapa dia harus ke kantor catatan sipil. Ah, mungkin dia hanya ikut ibunya saja.

Tak lama berselang, bocah tersebut kembali merengek bahkan sampai meminta pergi dari tempat ini. Sang Ibu pun mulai kehilangan kesabaran, “udah diem! Cicing” dengan logat Sunda yang kental. Karena disuruh diam, si bocah semakin keras merengek dan ingin pergi. Sang Ibu pun berkata “udah diem, jangan kemana-mana! Nanti digigit anjing. Liat tuh ada darah-darah, bekas anjing itu” seraya menakuti anaknya.


Saya cukup heran dengan cara Ibu ini mendidik anak tersebut. Memangnya ada yang salah dengan anjing? Anjing itu bukan binatang yang liar ataupun buas.

Tetapi lebih dari perkataan mengenai anjing, kita sebagai orang Indonesia tentu cukup sering mendengar para orang tua yang menakut-nakuti sang anak supaya anak itu diam dan tidak lg rewel. Cara anda mendidik anak Anda akan menentukan bagaimana perkembangan karakter anak Anda. Ketika Anda lebih sering menakuti anak Anda, secara tidak sadar Anda justru menanamkan budaya takut berbuat sesuatu di dalam diri anak Anda dan menghilangkan budaya eksplorasi hal-hal baru.

Penting untuk kita sebagai seorang manusia untuk mengetahui perbedaan melakukan sesuatu dengan dasar takut atau dasarnya suka. Hal ini saya pelajari dari seorang aktor komedian terkenal Jim Carrey. Dia berkata dalam pidato kelulusannya “Everything you do in your life is based on love or fear”. Dasar perilaku yang berbeda akan menghasilkan output yang berbeda pula. Penting untuk kita melakukan dengan kedua dasar, tidak hanya suka saja atau takut saja. Jadi untuk semua orang tua, be wise on raising your child. Untuk kamu yang udah kepalang berubah, belum terlambat kok.


Pelajaran Hidup yang Saya Dapatkan dari KRL

Halo semuanya,
Izinkan saya berbagi sedikit mengenai pelajaran hidup saat naik kereta. Sebagai pengantar, sudah 7 bulan ini saya menggunakan fasilitas KRL untuk mengangkut saya dari rumah (Bogor) ke tempat kerja saya di daerah Karet (Tanah Abang, Jakarta). Saya merasa bersyukur dengan moda transportasi ini yang anti macet dan tepat waktu (meski ga selalu sih hehehe). Suka dan duka naik KRL juga sudah saya rasakan. Mulai dari berhimpit-himpitan sampai duduk tenang dan terlelap dari stasiun karet hanya dengan ongkos 5 ribu rupiah.

Suasana KRL sekitar jam 9

Sebelumnya  saya selalu menggunakan  kendaraan pribadi sebagai sarana transportasi. Cukup kaget rasanya ketika saya harus naik kereta dan berdesakkan (terutama saat masuk jam-jam puncak/Peak hour).

Oke, sepertinya cukup pendahuluan sedikit tentang histori kehidupan saya. Kita lanjutkan ke bahasan utamanya.

KRL Jabodetabek menghubungkan stasiun-stasiun dari berbagai kota (Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Tangerang, Depok, Serpong, dll.) Setiap pengguna KRL tidak selalu berangkat dari stasiun yang sama, destinasi yang mereka ingin capai juga berbeda. Ada yang berangkat dari stasiun cilebut dan turun di stasiun gondangdia. Ada juga yang berangkat dari stasiun kranji dan turun di stasiun duri. Asal dan tujuan mereka berbeda.

Sama juga dengan hidup ini, orang mungkin tidak berasal dari asal yang sama, memiliki latar belakang yang berbeda (pendidikan, keturunan, harta, dll.) tetapi juga memiliki tujuan yang berbeda-beda. Mungkin ada yang sama, berasal dari latar belakang yang sama dan memiliki tujuan yang sama, tetapi mungkin tidak sebanyak orang yang naik kereta. Maka dari itu nikmatilah “naik KRL” bersama-sama meskipun asal dan tujuan berbeda.

Setiap pengguna KRL tidak selalu berangkat dari stasiun yang sama, destinasi yang mereka ingin capai juga berbeda.

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