Best Feeling Ever

It was almost midnight, had 3 straight meetings in the office so I skipped my dinner. At first I was like, “It’s okay, I’m going to go-food when I arrived at the apartment”. Before I commute back home, had a really good conversation with a good friend. We were chatting about life, work, and the big opportunity that we may get.

When I arrived at the apartment, I washed up and finally the hunger did not leave me alone, so I grabbed my phone, open the Go-Jek app and scrolls the Go-Food section. I was hungry but the mood was not there yet.

So instead of buying the food, I had an idea to order food but gave it to the driver. I was purely inspired by the conversations with my friend although it’s not purely related

Lucky I still had my Go-Pay credits, so i ordered the infamous grilled chicken in South Jakarta (South Jakartan will know it) and on the notes I wrote

“The food is for you or for your family, let me bless you. God bless you”

Then I call him to verify that the food is really for him. He thanked me a lot. After we end the call, suddenly joy and happiness burst into my feeling. I guess that was the best feeling ever.

I thought it was (at that time). So i washed up and tried to go to sleep, then I read a text saying:

“Thank you for the gift, honestly I haven’t had any dinner yet and I’m so starving. Jesus bless you”

Then I knew straightly that I was wrong. The best feeling ever was not that I have given something to a person. The best feeling is when the your gift really matters to someone. Sharing this kind of love does not associated to any religion or whatsoever. It’s purely on the motives of helping each other.


PS: this post is not to brag my gift, but purely to inspire others to share that there are ways to leverage technology and bring kindness to mankind.


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